A lifestyle of health and wellness is built on HABITS.

Our newest program, 100 Days of 1%, educates you on how to build a rock solid foundation for your health, centered on blood sugar stabilization with a full immersion into your body, mind and lifestyle, and focusing on 1% daily progress.

Are you tired of throwing away thousands of dollars and wasting too much time on diets and workout regimes that promise rapid weight loss, only to leave you exhausted, hungry, and feeling like you are always starting over?

100 Days of 1% will empower you to ditch the diet, live with food freedom, and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life! We’ve already helped MILLIONS of people around the world to change their relationship with food, and now we are taking it to the next level with PFC3 and 100 Days of 1%.

It’s the last nutritional advice you will ever need…and because it’s NOT based on deprivation, dieting, tracking your food, or complicated math, you can even teach it to your kids!


Making micro changes - 1% each day - will give you back control of your relationship with food and your body.

By joining 100 Days of 1%, you'll get:

  • 100 days of daily coaching lessons delivered in our online learning portal, all centered around transforming your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle
  • Weekly recorded videos from Mark and Carrie to help you win each week
  • PFC3 food lists, portion guides, recipes, and more so you can fuel your body for success!
  • LIFETIME Membership to the PFC3 Club where we have a LIVE call with Mark and Carrie every week + daily support from so many incredible health professionals helping lead the PFC3 movement
  • Bonus Tips and Tricks for living the PFC3 lifestyle with power
  • Advice for choosing quick & easy grab-n-go meal options to help you seamlessly live PFC3 on-the-go and in a busy life!
  • Tips for dining out and eating while on vacation so that you can live PFC3 anywhere
  • Winning strategies for your sleep, movement, hydration and stress management empowering you to become your own Nutrition Boss!

Your health and wellness goals are FINALLY within reach - are you ready to join the revolutionary 100 Days of 1%?

100 Days of 1% offers the formula for FOOD FREEDOM…

  • BODY: Gain energy, shed inches, and melt away stress.
  • MIND: Transform your relationship with food and your body.
  • LIFESTYLE: Learn our secrets for living this lifestyle FOREVER without deprivation, frustration, or sheer willpower.
INTRODUCING 100 Days of 1%

Are you ready to ditch the diet, for good?

It's time to learn to speak your body's love language.

We will teach you how to fuel your body based on the science of blood sugar stabilization and how to build habits that will sustain this healthy lifestyle. And the best part is, it’s not another fad diet!

The PFC3 formula is based on the SCIENCE of how our bodies work. At PFC3, we teach you how to eat all day, fueling your body and balancing your blood sugar for optimal health.

100 Days of 1% is for you if…

    • You’re spending hard-earned money on diets that leave you right back where you started.
    • You need to take control of your health…your life depends on it.
    • You know that you need to live a healthy lifestyle but you don’t know where to begin.
    • You “eat healthy” but you’re frustrated by not seeing progress.
    • You want to show up as your best self for your loved ones. 

Get ready to make healthy living your new way of life!

Small changes - 1% every day - you can introduce into your day-to-day routine will help you unlock the door to reaching all of your health goals and beyond. Let's get started on a lifestyle that puts YOU first - now more than ever before!

What’s in store for the next 100 days?

Phase 1

The PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart

In just 4 weeks, you can SHED inches, BOOST your energy, and get HEALTHY. Jumpstart your way to your health goals!

  • RESET your metabolism with balanced, clean eating
  • RESYNC your habits, mindset, and lifestyle around food
  • RESTORE your digestion, hormones and body
Phase 2

Making It Stick

Take the plunge and make your new habits part of who you are! Reflect on where it's working, evolve those parts that need a little extra help, and create an integrated lifestyle full of beneficial food, exercise, and systems.

  • INTEGRATE what you’ve learned into your daily practice 
  • REFLECT on your wellness journey and your long-term health goals
  • EVOLVE your understanding of food, “being healthy,” and the systems needed for sustainable results when life throws a curveball
Phase 3

Becoming Your Own Nutrition Boss

You're in the driver's seat! Reflect on how food impacts your life. Dive deep into understanding yourself—mindset and lifestyle included—so that you can direct your path forward to forever win with your health.

  • DECIDE what promises you’re going to make and keep without relying on motivation
  • ACHIEVE consistency through daily routines
  • CULTIVATE a deeper understanding of your body and mind for complete transformation into a healthy lifestyle

Why is balancing blood sugar so important?

It's the foundation for achieving:

  • Boosted metabolism
  • Balanced hormones
  • Supercharged energy levels
  • and no more sugar cravings!

PFC3 has been the leader for decades in teaching everyone, including kids and athletes, a simple, sustainable, and satisfying way to fuel their bodies (while eating carbs all day!)


Mark Macdonald

Mark Macdonald is a celebrity nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author. Mark developed the eating philosophy of PFC3 in 1999, in Venice Beach, California and has helped millions of people love their food and live their best health across 60+ countries and six continents.

Carrie Lupoli

Carrie Lupoli is a nutritionist, behavioral specialist, and international award-winning educator. She spent more than 20 years teaching and coaching educators before she created a powerful coaching formula by applying her expertise in behavior change and adult learning to help her clients make lasting lifestyle changes and ditch dieting forever.

"I do not feel guilt over what I put on my plate anymore. Making the best choices I can, feeling confident the foods I am eating are nourishing my body and bringing me closer to my health goals."

- Helen

"I reluctantly started the PFC3 program, but I noticed my sleep patterns were changing. My migraines were less and less….I had no idea that the way I was eating would help my A1C….I'm grateful for PFC3. It is helping me live. Not just watch."

- Tulsi

"PFC3 Works! I am living proof of it and so is my diabetic wife. We have been doing what Mark and Carrie teach since November 2021. This new and improved version of PFC3 is all that and so much more!!"

- Steve


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