100 DAYS OF 1%

Transform your body, mind and lifestyle in just 100 days by 1% every day to reach 100% of your health goals and experience food freedom…FOREVER!

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A lifestyle of health and wellness is built on HABITS.

Our most popular program, 100 Days of 1%, educates you on how to build a rock solid foundation for your health, centered on blood sugar stabilization with a full immersion into your body, mind and lifestyle, and focusing on 1% daily progress.

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Are you tired of throwing away thousands of dollars and wasting too much time on diets and workout regimes that promise rapid weight loss, only to leave you exhausted, hungry, and feeling like you are always starting over?

100 Days of 1% will empower you to ditch the diet, live with food freedom, and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life! We’ve already helped MILLIONS of people around the world to change their relationship with food, and now we are taking it to the next level with PFC3 and 100 Days of 1%.

It’s the last nutritional advice you will ever need…and because it’s NOT based on deprivation, dieting, tracking your food, or complicated math, you can even teach it to your kids!

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What can you expect?

Daily step-by-step video and guides to teach you how to balance your blood sugar while learning how to serve your body, mind and lifestyle.

Making micro changes - 1% each day - will give you back control of your relationship with food and your body.

By joining 100 Days of 1%, you'll get:

✔️ 100 days of daily coaching lessons delivered in our online learning portal, all centered around transforming your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle

✔️ Weekly recorded videos from Mark and Carrie to help you win each week

✔️ PFC3 food lists, portion guides, recipes, and more so you can fuel your body for success!

✔️ LIFETIME Membership to the PFC3 Club where we have a LIVE call with Mark and Carrie every week + daily support from so many incredible health professionals helping lead the PFC3 movement

✔️ Bonus Tips and Tricks for living the PFC3 lifestyle with power

✔️ Advice for choosing quick & easy grab-n-go meal options to help you seamlessly live PFC3 on-the-go and in a busy life!

✔️ Tips for dining out and eating while on vacation so that you can live PFC3 anywhere

✔️ Winning strategies for your sleep, movement, hydration and stress management empowering you to become your own Nutrition Boss!

Your health and wellness goals are FINALLY within reach - are you ready to join the revolutionary 100 Days of 1%?

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Daily Guidance

Wake up each day knowing exactly what to do. Our program provides daily step-by-step guidance for 100 days via written and video format, removing guesswork and confusion.

Food Lists, recipes, and tips

Access hundreds of delicious and balanced recipes that cater to all dietary preferences.

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Community Support

You’re not alone. Connect with other members on your same journey of great health, share victories, and overcome challenges together. Our PFC3 Club is your lifeline for constant support any time of day.

Results that last

Forget quick fixes. We’re in this for the long haul. After 100 days, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come by changing your mindset. You will become your own Nutrition Boss.

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The Experts behind The Program

Global nutritionist and NY Times Best Selling Author, Mark Macdonald and world renowned behavioral specialist and award-winning educator, Carrie Lupoli have combined 50+ years of experience to create the first ever Formula for Food Freedom, with a full immersion into a robust Body-Mind-Lifestyle approach with a focus on 1% daily progress.

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