7 Tips For Dining Out

One of the biggest skills in becoming a Nutrition Boss is knowing how to eat in restaurants.

Think of your favorite restaurant, the magnificent aroma when you walk in, the crispness of your beverage, and the mouthwatering experience of your meal.

Living with food freedom is all about celebrating those moments, while also possessing the knowledge to eat your favorite foods while keeping your blood sugar balanced.

This week’s coaching is about crushing your meals when dining out.





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Come ready for a restaurant adventure!


We are diving into exactly how to order real time in quick service restaurants, like Chipotle, Chick-fil-a or sit-down restaurants like Longhorn, and Outback.


There are endless restaurants, and you’ll learn the exact process to forever be a Nutrition and Restaurant Ordering Boss!


Our PFC3 exclusive coaching call is every Monday at 8PM EST via zoom or FB Live for all PFC3 members.

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