How To 3X Your Health Results

Did you know that you get at least three times better and more sustainable health results when you lock arms with a friend, family member and/or community?

Mark here, and over the last 25 years as we have launched the eating philosophy of PFC3 in over 60 countries and 6 continents, there are two things that always ring true:


This way of eating and lifestyle transcends to all ages, goal types and cultures.


Health results are exponentially more powerful when connected with a community.

Community is the center of PFC3 and together as we are building this next chapter of our movement, Carrie, Abbi and I wanted to lean into the most robust and educational support system in the space.

We call it our 360-degree support system, so as you say yes to phase 1, 2 and 3 of your 100 Days of 1% journey, know that daily support, in multiple fashions is always at your fingertips.

So today is all about celebrating community and highlighting the 2 main categories of support as you live PFC3 and crush your health goals.


Transforming your health is all about 1% progress and starting where you are. There’s lot’s of noise in the world about health, which is why our free daily support is a beacon of truth.




Check Out The Different Forms of Support We Offer:

Free eBook

For anyone who visits or our social channels – you can grab our Quick eBook on the 5 steps to stop dieting and start living with food freedom.

Social Channels

Check in daily on Instagram or Facebook @Mypfc3 for recipes, coaching, inspiration and support.

Weekly Newsletter and Blog 

You are reading this support system right now! And if you missed an email, simply go to the blog section on our site and get caught up.

TV Show

Food Freedom on Brinx TV is the #1 most watched nutrition show in the world. And we’re excited to announce that you can now simply click the TV Show tab on to watch a couple teasers and then dive into the all the episodes of the show at Brinx TV. Food Freedom brings the best thought leaders from around the world to educate and empower you, it is the Epicenter for All Things Nutrition.

The PFC3 Club
(Don't forget you have access to this!)

The best part is every member always has access to the free support, and once there is a commitment to start living PFC3, additional support and coaching is a must!

PFC3 Club Community

Our member Facebook Community is hot! A complete 24-hour support system from experts and members to ask questions, share ideas and celebrate + motivate each other. It’s a place to call home.

Weekly Live Stream Coaching

 Every Monday night, we lock arms and dive into new topics to help you develop the skill sets in becoming your own Nutrition Boss. All Facebook Live and Zoom coaching calls are recorded and available in Facebook and the PFC3 Club in Kajabi, video and podcast versions.


Living with Food Freedom is all about making clean food taste incredible. We have lots of recipe options and Recipe Guru, Tania G brings 2 new recipes every month, with a full video tutorial!

Tips, Tricks and Strategies

As you live PFC3, life will always show up and unforeseen circumstances pop up. These bonus strategies in the PFC3 Club, help empower you to push through any obstacle and be victorious with your health!

This is what 360-degree support is all about!




Ready For More Support?

Check Out This Monday's PFC3 Club Call:

Join Carrie, co-creator of PFC3 and legendary Behavioral Specialist and Mindset Guru around food, as she dives into the power of community and shares winning strategies with your Body-Mind-Lifestyle.


Our PFC3 exclusive coaching call is every Monday at 8PM EST via zoom or FB Live for all PFC3 members.

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