Learn How Low Carb/No Carb Hurts Your Metabolism

We hear it everywhere, be careful of Carbs.  Low Carb, No Carb, Keto…it’s all nonsense!   


Well here’s some breaking news......carbohydrates are your friend!


Now, we know the word on the street may be that carbs are the enemy to your waistline.


But just think about it, how can grilled asparagus, fresh blueberries, crisp roasted red potatoes, a warm bowl of oatmeal or a dish of zesty brown rice and quinoa not be good for your body??


All carbohydrates (with the exception of fiber) are broken down through your digestion into glucose. 


Glucose is the fuel for your central nervous system (CNS). Your CNS is your command center, and along with your brain, it manages every breath, heartbeat, movement, and thought you have. So think of carbohydrates as your “brain fuel.”


Here's What You Need to Know:
Your Two Types of Carbohydrates

Simple carbohydrates are named as such because your digestive system can quickly metabolize them into glucose for use as energy.

Think of a time when you ate a piece of fruit or drank some juice and then, within minutes, felt a rush of energy. This energy rush was caused by your body quickly metabolizing the fruit or juice into glucose, making it readily available.

Complex carbohydrates take longer to break down (metabolize) into glucose. There are two types of complex carbohydrates: starches and fiber.


Starches are your heavier, denser carbohydrates, like quinoa, rice, potatoes, and beans.


Fiber is the non-digestible portion of the carbohydrate and cannot be used for energy, BUT it is an important part of clean food that helps boost our metabolism, balance our hormones, and absorb nutrients.


Now fun fact, , carbs when eaten alone or in too high of a quantity will spike your blood sugar.

But...they also give us energy and nutrients and fuel our brains.


We NEED carbs.

So how do we get the energy we need while protecting our body from blood sugar spikes?

It's all part of the combination we use in our PFC3 Formula for Food Freedom. When we eat protein, hormones are released that help to counteract the blood sugar spike. When we eat fat, it slows down digestion, so less glucose hits our blood at once.

If you are thoughtful about how you eat them, carbs are nothing to fear. In fact, they are AMAZING for your body when they are eaten in the right proportions along with a protein and a fat! (Better yet, eat your protein first, then fat, and finally the carb.)

It’s a synergistic relationship where each macronutrient is even better together than alone.

This partnership is the one that allows us to throw out the need to count calories, track our food, or cut out carbs!



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