Learn How Your Brain is Your Guard Dog


Have you ever said…


“I know what to do, I just don’t do it?” Or maybe emotionally ate a meal in response to stress, anger, frustration or happiness? Or gotten really mad at your kids, friends or significant others and acted in a way you normally wouldn’t?


For most of us, it’s likely a yes to all three, and the culprit is your brains Amygdala, aka, your brains guard dog.


We created PFC3 because living with food freedom and becoming your own nutrition boss is about learning, understanding and winning with your Body, Mind and Lifestyle.


And even when you crush your sleep, nutrition, movement, water, supplements and stress management, your Mindset is a massive difference maker.


Let's Dive Into Two Parts of Your Brain



The Amygdala is known as your brain’s guard dog. Like a protector for you, it's a small, almond-shaped structure that’s deep inside your brain. It’s where the seat of your fear system lies and is involved in emotional processing. Fear and excitement sit in this same area of the brain.




The Hippocampus is like your brain’s background knowledge...the data bank of all the things your brain has learned over the years. Think of it as your own personal “Wikipedia” of all things. Your Hippocampus helps you to make sense of the world around you.


You may have heard of fight, flight or freeze?


Your amygdala is designed to react in less than a second at the sign of perceived social or physical threat.  The concept of perception is important here. Every one of us has our own perceived belief of what is safe and what is a threat. It’s why each of can react differently to the same situation.



When there is a perceived threat, your amygdala gets BIGGER and takes over the hippocampus.


No matter what your hippocampus knows about a situation, if there’s a threat, your amygdala literally act’s like a guard dog that starts barking...when that happens our rational thinking disappears, and emotions take over.


Well, the million-dollar question is how to prevent your amygdala from hijacking your emotions?  


We robustly cover this in the 100 Days of 1% program and in detail on day 43, and here’s a quick SODA Strategy ( Stop, Observe, Detach, & Awaken ) that will help keep your guard dog in check. 





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