No Time To Exercise? No Problem! We are showing you how in less than 7 minutes!

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Exercise and Hydration are two crucial parts to winning with your health and we continually see members struggle with both.  


Here are a few statements we hear from members and maybe you have even said one or two of these yourself….


“I can’t find time to exercise.”

“It’s hard to drink enough water.”

“Exercise is boring”

“I don’t like the taste of water.”


Well, PFC3 to the rescue with winning solutions to each statement.


Lets dive in…


Nourishing Knowledge with PFC3

💦 Hydration and Your Health 💦

Hydration is one of your six spinning plates and part of the Body section of PFC3.

Fun fact is that your body is made up of 60-70% water and basically every function your body does, needs water.


Drinking more water equals less inflammation, better digestion and more balanced blood sugar.


Do your best to drink consistently throughout the day - Make it a goal to drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily!


No time? No worries, simply get a water bottle, carry it with you and drink with each meal and in-between meals. Even filling up your water bottle can be some fun exercise and core strengthening.

Don’t like the taste of water? Easy fix, add some Lemon. Lemon brings a boost in flavor, is a natural detoxifier and alkalizes your water – all wins!


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We have all said it at least one time in our health journey,

“ I don’t have time to exercise.” 

The key to remember is movement is life and your activity is a catalyst to the speed of your metabolism.

When time is tight, No problem!  

Come ready to learn how to make your movement and exercise happen in any scenario and with ten minutes of less!

Our PFC3 exclusive coaching call is every Monday at 8PM EST via zoom or FB Live for all PFC3 members.

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