Benefits of Living an Uncaged Life

Let’s kick off this week’s newsletter with some “would you rather” exercise choices…

Would you rather:
- Walk on a treadmill or walk on the beach?
- Swim in an indoor pool or swim in a lake / river?
- Climb on a stair machine or hike a trail?
- Play indoor ping pong or outdoor pickleball?

It’s easy to catch the theme, one type of activity is indoor focused and controlled, while the other type is outdoor and uncaged.

Movement is life and the more consistent you are with movement the stronger and healthier your body.  

Indoor exercise burn out is real and most of us have experienced it.  Once your exercise becomes something you need to do, rather than something you want to do, you’re in trouble.  

Activity needs to be a highlight of your day and something you look forward to crushing.  This is why outdoor movement is a difference maker.  

Imagine the sun hitting your face, breathing crisp air, feeling the earth and smelling the aroma of your environment.  These experiences make your activity more fun, exciting and optimal for your metabolism.

So this week is all about you exploring outside and begin some uncaged adventures with 1% progress.  Simply pick one outdoor activity you like and work it into your day.  

And to help you level up even more outdoors, check out Dan Miller's latest episode on Food Freedom, where he shares his Top 6 strategies to living uncaged and being more with nature.



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Who’s up for the Challenge??  See you on the live!


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