Make Greatness Your Goal

We hear the word “greatness” used in many ways.

It can be an empowering, terrifying, intimidating or an inspiring word.


Winning with your health starts with greatness as your goal.


Imagine all the incredible things you can achieve in life with great health.

Maybe it’s your dream vacation, or more active time with your family or simply feeling confident and strong as you take on each day.


Greatness isn’t an action, it’s a mindset. This is why our PFC3 global movement is all about improving 1% a day, focusing on Body-Mind-Lifestyle.


The concept of 1% creates a feeling of “I can” and “I will” that ignites a belief to apply small incremental actions which lead to positive change and momentum.


This mindset, followed with action creates a feeling of “This is MY Time”!
This is YOUR time.


And the focus of this week’s newsletter is to make the mindset of 1%, your forever health theme.


This Week, Focus on These 3 Areas to Achieve Greatness:

To start, write down 5 things you are committed to improving this week, here are some examples…


  • Add 5 minutes to your exercise routine
  • Eat a quick PFC3 meal within an hour upon waking
  • Add more fiber each day
  • Start waking up at the same time each morning


  • Celebrate a non-scale victory
  • Make a calendar commitment to a healthy activity
  • Remind yourself that quick fix diets always fail long term
  • Make a delicious PFC3 approved recipe to know that healthy and balanced food can taste amazing 


  • Plan a weekly grocery shopping day
  • Create a PFC3 Mobile Kit for on the go
  • Try eating PFC3 style at your favorite restaurant
  • Find a fun activity to do with friends or family


Need a little inspiration? Check out our Episode this week!


Rex Crain is a legend, and he shares his 3 shifts to Transform your Health Mindset into Greatness



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Greatness is your goal this week, let’s all get it! 


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