Plants vs. Meat…Who Wins?

Have you seen the epic battles between which is better for your health, Herbivore (only plant-based protein) Omnivore (plant and animal protein) or Carnivore (only animal protein).  


It’s a debate that can never be won and it’s why PFC3 is the  global movement that empowers and educates ALL health goals and protein choices. 


The reality is your body needs 6 essential nutrients to survive:

3 Macronutrients (energy producing) – Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates
3 Micronutrients (non-energy producing) – Vitamins, Minerals and Water 

That’s it…6 nutrients to live your greatest health.   


It starts with understanding what your body needs to thrive and then taking your favorite food choices based on taste, digestion, goals, etc.. and then balancing them to optimally fuel your body.   


Herbivore (only plant-based protein)

  • You are already getting lots of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber through plants.

  • Typically lacking high quality protein which leads to unstable blood sugar and lack of muscle tone and growth.  This is important since muscle controls your metabolism.

  • Simple adjustment: focus on adding at least 20 grams of plant-based protein to each meal to ensure the best balance of PFC.  (For all PFC3 members check out the Plant-Based guide in your member portal and the live training in the PFC3 Club by our Plant Based Guru – Bev Heyer.)  

Omnivore (plant and animal protein)

  • This is how majority of the world eats and it's the most natural way to ensure you’re getting the right amount of your 6 essential nutrients. 

  • Focus on initially eating the cleanest protein, fats and carbs (as listed in the 28-Day Jumpstart) so you can first detox, improve gut health and reduce inflammation /bloating.  

  • After you become aware of what foods best serve your body, slowly add in other foods (listed in Phase 2 of PFC3 – Making it Stick, you can check out the "Beyond the Food List" PDF)

  • Simple Adjustment: Find the best balance of plant-based and animal-based proteins that feel best to you.  Experiment and ensure each meal digests well and you’re getting a great variety of vegetables, fruits, fats and proteins. 

Carnivore (only animal protein)

  • The most challenging way to eat because there is a major lack of vitamins, minerals and many times carbohydrates (which are your body’s fuel source)

  • Due to the lack of vitamins and minerals, supplementation is a must.  

  • The big pitfall here is that your body naturally wants and needs vitamins, minerals and carbs.  

  • Simple Adjustment:  If you prefer more animal protein to plant protein, simply add some additional vegetables and fruits to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins, minerals and fiber.   Make sure to balance your meals so your blood sugar is stable. 



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