The Power of 1% Progress

Imagine improving your health 1% every single day and how big of a difference that would make a year from today.


These micro daily improvements - three more minutes of sleep, five more minutes of walking, adding one more PFC3 balanced recipe each week or month… each 1% improvement compounds into a profound health transformation with your Body, Mind and Lifestyle.


Of course, this is why we have the 100 Days of 1% program, a 100-day journey that focuses on empowering, educating and helping you become your own Nutrition Boss!


But what’s amazing with 1%, is that it transcends into every part of your life.


Your relationships, work, and hobbies; basically everything you touch can utilize the 1% mindset to ease the pressure, create a winning feeling each day and elevate your life year after year.


So, to help you see, feel and experience the power of 1% progress, we wanted to share the incredible and inspiring story of Brey Steffensen.


Brey is an incredible example of how a 1% mindset can transform your life.

After you watch it and possibly wipe away some inspiring tears, take that inspiration and write down five things you can start focusing on with 1% daily progress with your health and life.







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