It's a Recipe Party - All PFC3 Approved

Living with Food Freedom is all about making clean and unprocessed foods taste amazing!

Last week we dove into our robust 360-degree support system, if you missed that - you can catch up on our blog here.


Now, this week is all about the delicious recipes we bring right to your fingertips.

Just like with our support system, there are lots of free recipes at your fingertips and if you’re a PFC3 member the options are endless!

To help get your taste buds warmed up, we’ve partnered with the best PFC3 recipe gurus in the space to deliver multiple recipes options, whether they are “grab n go” or “gourmet style” there is a recipe for every occasion.



  Here's Where to Find PFC3's 

Free Recipes:


Social Channels

Tune into Instagram & Facebook @mypfc3 for weekly recipes from recipe guru’s Tania Gustafson, Beverley Heyer and of course, Carrie Lupoli – we drop a new recipe each week. This will quickly solve the question you ask yourself daily about what to eat!


Food Freedom on Brinx TV

Having the #1 most watched nutrition in the world means we better have some delicious recipe episodes!  Whatever your cup of tea – plant based, meat eater or a hybrid, we got you! 


This week, watch Tania G share how to kick off your day with a Crustless Quiche on Episode 77. 

Plethora of Recipe Options 

for All PFC3 Members:

If you’re a member, make sure to use your free options we shared and then dive into the recipe abyss that's available inside your PFC3 account.

PFC3 Club Community

Whether it’s daily recipe ideas in our Facebook Community or recipes shared on our weekly lives, the recipe ideas are endless. 


But the most powerful part of our recipe adventure are the video tutorials with recipe All Star Tania G.  


Simply log into the PFC3 club member portal and start exploring the delicious PFC3 approved and balanced recipes from Tania. 


Remember, the recipes are also separated by phases, so you know exactly which recipe’s to use based on the phase you are currently in.



100 Days of 1%

As you live each phase of the program, Phase 1 – 28-Day Jumpstart, Phase 2 – Making it Stick and Phase 3 – Becoming Your Own Nutrition Boss, we have special recipe guides for each phase to help you crush the program.



Ready For More Support?

Check Out This Monday's PFC3 Club Call:

Join Mark, co-creator of PFC3 and an incredible All-Star Recipe Crew sharing the winning strategies you must know to make every meal taste amazing. It will be an epic Recipe Party and you're invited!


Our PFC3 exclusive coaching call is every Monday at 8PM EST via zoom or FB Live for all PFC3 members.

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