Jumpstart your health without Dieting! RESET your metabolism, SHED inches, BOOST your energy, and achieve lasting results- all while enjoying CARBS!

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Do you desperately want to finally get healthy, feel good, and show up as your BEST SELF? Is your body screaming for a reset, but you absolutely dread the idea of gearing up for yet another detox or learning another program that will leave you miserable, hangry, and right back where you started?


It’s time to get something different by DOING something different. It’s time for the PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart!


What is it? Well, what better way to learn about the Jumpstart than to hear from the creators, Mark Macdonald and Carrie Lupoli!



In just 28 days, the Jumpstart will teach you WHAT your body needs to THRIVE and HOW your MINDSET about food is the key to a healthy yet sustainable lifestyle. 

Body + Mind = Lasting change. (Finally, right?)

The PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart sets the foundation for learning to love your food, your body and your life. It gives you a new perspective on what it means to get healthy, serve your body and set the foundation for a lifetime of health…not just for you but for your entire family!


The PFC3 formula is based on the SCIENCE of how our bodies work. At PFC3, we teach you how to eat all day, fueling your body and balancing your blood sugar for optimal health.

The Jumpstart is a 28-day program that will give you the boost you need to reset your body and crush your health and wellness goals.

Each day of the program will help you get 1% better each and every day. We focus on small steps and micro changes so that you’re not crashing or depriving yourself, and instead setting yourself up for LASTING and SUSTAINABLE changes - a LIFESTYLE, not a diet.


Feel your best.

Uncover the coveted blueprint to release weight, curb cravings, increase energy, and reach your optimal health…without dieting!

Fuel your body.

Gain control of your relationship with food and your body by following our science-based formula for stabilizing your blood sugar and fueling your body (and yes, you’re eating carbs all day!).

Unleash the power of 1%.

Daily 1% change leads to solid, lasting habits - ensuring you can stick with this lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Take control of your triggers.

Transform your mindset about your health, food, and body by understanding and addressing your pain points.

Surround yourself with support.

Taking small steps every day, surrounded by a community of supporters, helps you make big changes with lasting results. Our PFC3 Club is the most uplifting corner of the internet!

Transform your body, mind, and lifestyle.

Unlock the power of 50 YEARS worth of combined expertise in nutrition, wellness, behavior, and exercise to naturally keep your body healthy - backed by science!

The Jumpstart was designed by two experts who’ve committed their lives to helping people like you get healthy and love their bodies.

Mark Macdonald, celebrity nutritionist and New York Times bestselling author, and Carrie Lupoli, a nutritionist, behavioral specialist, and international award-winning educator.

Mark Macdonald is a world-renowned nutrition and fitness expert.

Mark Macdonald is a celebrity nutritionist and the author of The New York Times’ bestselling book,
Body Confidence. Mark developed the eating philosophy of PFC3 in 1999, in Venice Beach, California and has helped millions of athletes, models, actors, and people like YOU love their food and live their best health across 60+ countries and six continents. Most importantly, Mark is a husband to wife, Abbi, and a father to their son Hunter and daughter Hope.

Carrie Lupoli is a nutritionist, behavioral specialist, and international award-winning educator.

Carrie takes nutrition and mindset coaching to a whole new level. She is a former Division 1 athlete who spent more than 20 years teaching and coaching educators before she became a certified nutritionist. When her daughters, Ellie and Grace, were just 5 and 6 years old, she overheard them talking about how pizza had too many calories. She knew she had to make significant changes, or they would grow up with the same disordered eating habits that she did. She then founded Disruptive Nutrition, applying her expertise in behavior change and adult learning to help people like her uncover and disrupt messages that women receive from the abusive dieting industry every day.

Mark and Carrie are bringing the PFC3 formula to life in a whole new way, marrying the science behind nutrition with the mindset training needed for people to make LASTING change for their bodies.


Gain energy, shed inches, and melt away stress.


Transform your relationship with food and your body.


Learn our secrets for living this lifestyle FOREVER without deprivation, frustration, or sheer willpower.

The 28-Day Jumpstart is for you if…

  • You will scream if you hear one more person preaching about the latest detox diet! 
  • You know that you need to live a healthy lifestyle but you don’t know where to begin.
  • You “eat healthy” but you’re frustrated by not seeing progress.
  • You’re overwhelmed by lengthy, complicated programs and want to learn a little at a time.
  • You want to show up as your best self for your loved ones.

We want YOU on board to JUMPSTART your goals. Join us as we take one small step - 1% - every day until we reach 100% - body, mind, and soul wellness!

Here's what the 28-Day Jumpstart has meant to others...


I was fascinated by the concept of PFC and how to balance these macronutrients to achieve optimal health....Today, my A1C is way down, and I'm feeling better than ever. I'm grateful for the knowledge and inspiration that Mark, Carrie and the PFC3 community provides me with.


The PFC3 mindset of balancing blood sugar is a game-changer, AND a life-changer! I had many of the PFC3 habits when I found the program, but I didn’t have the entire picture, or complete understanding of what balancing blood sugars can do for a body until now. 


My energy began to increase, the inflammation decreased, and I was losing weight! The awesome power of the right combination of foods, eating every 3 hours...I began to feel like I did when I was in the U.S. Army!



I am currently down 82 pounds, I feel healthier than ever before and excited for the future. This journey has taught me that sustainable change requires a shift in mindset, finding the right tools, and focusing on personal goals.

JUMPSTART your way to making healthy living your new way of life!

  • Reset your metabolism, resync your habits, and restore your body
  • Shed inches and boost your energy
  • Learn what your body needs to thrive
  • Reset your body to understand what it needs and how to fuel it to reach your optimal health!

The PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart is just Phase 1 of our revolutionary 100 Days of 1% program.

A lifestyle of health and wellness is built on HABITS. The 100 Days of 1% educates you on how to build a rock solid foundation for your health centered on blood sugar stabilization with a full immersion into your body, mind and lifestyle, focusing on 1% daily progress.

The PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart is an introduction into the 100 Days of 1% program and the perfect way to learn the PFC3 formula for FOOD FREEDOM while jumpstarting your way to your health goals!


Phase 1: The PFC3 28-Day Jumpstart


In just 4 weeks, you can RESET your metabolism, RESYNC your Habits, Mindset and Lifestyle around food  and RESTORE your Digestion, Hormones and Body - PLUS - SHED inches, BOOST your energy, and get HEALTHY. 

  • JOIN the PFC3 Club, our exclusive members-only community for swapping tips and recipes, holding each other accountable, and sharing your stories!
  • LEARN what your body needs to thrive and how your mindset about food is the key to lasting results
  • RESET your body to understand what it needs and how to fuel it to reach your optimal health

Phase 2: Making it Stick

Take the plunge and make your new habits part of who you are! Reflect on where it's working, adjust or evolve those parts that need a little extra help, and create an integrated lifestyle full of beneficial food, exercise, and systems.

  • INTEGRATE what you’ve learned into your daily practice 
  • REFLECT on your wellness journey and your long-term health goals
  • EVOLVE your understanding of food, “being healthy,” and the systems needed for sustainable results when life throws a curveball 

Phase 3: Becoming Your Own Nutrition Boss

Get ready to make a lasting change and become your own Nutrition Boss! Reflect on how food impacts your life. Dive deep into understanding yourself—mindset and lifestyle included—so that you forever stay on the path to your best health. 

  • DECIDE what promises you’re going to make and keep without relying on motivation
  • ACHIEVE consistency through daily routines
  • CULTIVATE a deeper understanding of your body and mind for complete transformation into a healthy lifestyle

Interested in ALL three phases?  Join the full 100 Days of 1%!

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Recipes, food guide, tips for dining out & choosing the best protein supplements, and even an exercise guide - the 28-Day Jumpstart gives you all the tools you need to succeed!

Prepare simple, delicious meals your whole family can eat together.

Learn how to fuel your body and keep your blood sugar balanced.

See our expert tips for living this lifestyle, no matter how busy you are!

Here's what you get when you sign up:
  • Lifetime access to the 28-Day Jumpstart course in our PFC3 online learning portal
  • 28 daily lessons and weekly videos focused on 1% progress in your Body, Mind, and Lifestyle
  • Our proven formula for fueling your body (and yes, you’re eating carbs all day!)
  • Food list, portion guide, sample meal plan, and our best tips for taking this lifestyle on the go
  • Membership to our exclusive PFC3 Club community, where you'll get support, recipes, and a LIVE weekly coaching call with Mark, Carrie, and other PFC3 Health Pros  
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Ready to Jumpstart your health WITHOUT dieting and WITH carbs? 
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It’s time to get something different by doing something different.
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What are you waiting for?

Ready to Jumpstart your health WITHOUT dieting and WITH carbs? 
Sign up today for the boost you need to RESET your body and CRUSH your goals in JUST 4 WEEKS!

It’s time to get something different by doing something different.
Join us today!

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