Say Goodbye to Leaky Gut

Last week we talked about how Movement is Life (you can check that out here), and this week it’s all about Awakening Your Digestion!


We have all heard the saying “You are what you eat”, but it should be “You are what you Metabolize.”


Regardless of how clean you eat, if your digestion system is stalling out, your hormones, blood sugar, sleep, energy and metabolism will suffer.


Think of the last time you ate a meal and felt bloated or tired, or a time when you ate super clean PFC balanced and still struggled with achieving your health goals.


These are classic signs of a “stalled digestion system” and leaky gut.


Your small intestine is like the grout in tile. Imagine freshly laid tile with new grout, clean, smooth and compact. Over time, that clean grout begins to get damaged by water, pebbles, dirt.. basically anything that causes chips and deterioration.


This same thing happens to your small intestine and processed foods + gluten are the biggest culprit’s.

Gluten has a protein called gliadin and gliadin increases the protein Zonulin.


Zonulin are proteins that increase the permeability of your digestive tract, like how pebbles cause damage to grout. This permeability causes your intestines to leak toxins into your bloodstream.


Sounds fun…Not! Bloat, fatigue, stubborn body fat, constipation, low energy, are just a few symptoms of leaky gut.


Well, it’s time to say Bye Bye Leaky Gut and Awaken Your Digestion!


Your first step is to watch Mark and Dr. Anna’s episode all about Leaky Gut and some simple strategies to improve leaky gut and optimize your digestive system.

Your next step is to stay engaged each week, we have some special tips, strategies and surprises coming your way over the next few months to help you master your digestion, balance your blood sugar and forever live with Food Freedom!



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Join Carrie and Dr. Anna as they share how Leaky Gut negatively affects your blood sugar, hormones and metabolism. Come ready to Awaken Your Digestion!


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