Spring Is Here - PFC3 APPROVED Recipes

Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than with some Spring Soups and delicious PFC3 Pizza!


Soup recipes are in hot demand, so we asked recipe guru, Tania Gustafson to take us in her kitchen and share her favorites spring soups and also showcase her top requested herbal tea. 


Check it out…


Let’s keep the spring party rocking by crushing some PFC3 balanced Pizza!


We’ve got TWO delicious pizza recipes to tantalize your tastebuds and balance your blood sugar, simply dive into our Instagram Channel and we’ll drop these recipes in your inbox when you ➡️ Comment “PIZZA”.


This is the awesome part about living with food freedom, you CAN eat the foods you love. It just starts with a 1% commitment to learning the foods and recipes that digest with ease, balance your
blood sugar and tasting amazing! 



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Last week’s newsletter shared how to minimize the dangerous Amygdala hijack - you can check it out here.


But that was just the tip of the iceberg, join Carrie for a deep dive into what causes an Amygdala hijack, multiple strategies to prevent one and redefine your emotional
relationship with food.


Our PFC3 exclusive coaching call is every Monday at 8PM EST via zoom or FB Live for all PFC3 members.

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